Loop player for Adafruit NeoTrellis M4
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Loop player for Adafruit NeoTrellis M4


  • 4 groups of 7 samples (MONO 44,1k 16bit PCM WAV) stored in QSPI memory (G1_1.wav to G4_7.wav)
  • playback of 1 sample from each grop at a time
  • loop launch quintized to 1/8th (kind of)
  • right channel outputs 15ms 2ppqn pulse for Korg devices

Ideas and TODO

  • Clock input (& Slicing)
    • Korg click
    • USB MIDI
  • Configure one-shot/loop samples
  • USB mass storage to transfer samples
  • Sequencer
    • MIDI out
    • Internal synths


To upload samples, switch M4 to Circuit Python or upload msc_external_flash from Adafruit TinyUSB Arduino examples